Nick Saban: A Great Football Coach

The entire culture of Alabama and football has indeed taken a turn. The changes have been creeping up slowly since Nick Saban had taken over as head coach at the University of Alabama. Alabama has showed off their 74-15 and SEC Championships along with three national championships. Alabama was once a powerhouse but they had fallen on hard times since the days of Bear Bryant. This has now changed. Alabama has now turned into a mass of greatness within two years. The following has contributed to this turn:

* taking the Crimson Tide to the SEC Championship in the second year
* revenge over the Gators and Tim Tebow with a win of 32-13 in the SEC Championship game
* the Tide and winning a few national championships

Nick Saban has taken over the reigns and turned the Alabama culture into greatness since 2007. The results of this takeover can speak for themselves. Nick Saban has a solid record and he has played a large role in the turning of the Alabama football culture. This is a turn for the better.

Spreading Like Wildfire
It is true that Nick Saban has exceeded expectations within Alabama football. He has shown that he can and will excel in every area of the game. He has accomplished great things and he has spread the Alabama name by his recruiting along with his superior skills and accomplishments. Success appears to be in the Alabama football crystal ball. The good name is being spread like wildfire. This is good news for the Alabama University.

Success for Alabama Players
The Alabama players who have been playing under Nick Saban appear to be rising to the top. Climbing the ladder of success. Excelling up to the next level is yet another outcome from this superior leadership. Since Saban has taken over, there have been 17 players who have been drafted in the first round. This is the first round of the NFL Draft. Success for the players has been ongoing since the year 2007. The players appear to be on a roll with Nick Saban in the lead.

Nick Saban is Worth it
It has been claimed that Nick Saban may be getting paid over 6 million dollars a year for his head coaching skills in Alabama. There are some who claim that Saban is overpaid. In my opinion, Nick Saban is worth it. The following items should be noted:
* 100 million dollars is brought into the university by the Alabama football team yearly
* the national championship in the year 2012, against Notre Dame, increased this program to 110 million dollars
Alabama is in the limelight since Nick Saban has been involved. He is indeed receiving a handsome wage. He has also given 100 percent to the Alabama football culture. Nick Saban is worth it.  His ability to recruit and coach is why they are predicted to be so good in 2016.

Bad News for the Rest of Them
The other SEC teams and their fans may expect some bad news heading their way. It appears that Nick Saban will not be stopping any time soon. Success and the Alabama football culture are in the headlines. This success is expected to continue. You can see it all for yourself when you watch the university of Alabama continue to exceed football expectations. Nick Saban is one great football coach who emits success in his football endeavers.

Could Alabama’s Backups Beat An Average Football Team?

Crimson Tide has been an unbeatable force for a while now, and much of this is attributed to the head coach, Nick Saban. He has netted more success than many other coaches throughout the 21st century – and the players have been responsible for winning a number of national championships. Over the last six years, Alabama has consistently ranked at the top of its class for the nation.  They will be on top again in 2016.

Here’s what’s really interesting. There is no star quarterback. They have a talented starting lineup, but the talent runs deep as well. In addition, the team seems to have no issue reloading another impressive defensive line for the following fall.

This means you have to ask the question – could Alabama’s backups actually beat an average football team?  We know the starters are good enough to make the SEC title game, but how about the players on the bench?

Our money is on YES and here’s why.

Alabama was hands down the best team in 2015. They were also the champion. These are two big points to consider and it’s important to realize that there is a difference. Sometimes the best team doesn’t win because things happen. That wasn’t the case with Crimson Tide for 2015. They were the winners through and through.

Bill Connelly with SB Nation and Brian Fremeau with Football Outsiders calculated that Alabama ranked the highest in FEI, S&P+ and F/+ rankings. Clemson was within a field goal of the scoring margin, but as for the others, they were heads above the competition.

When you look at what’s considered the “average” football team, this would be the Northern Illinois Huskies. They ranked number 66 out of 128 teams. They were as close to a perfect neutral as you could get. It makes more sense to use the Huskies as opposed to Boston College because there is a major imbalance with offense-defense and Georgia Tech makes a poor choice as well because they have a crazy offensive scheme.

So, there’s the Huskies as the average team. If they went up against the backups for Crimson Tide, who would win?

Well, it’s best to look at the recruiting rating for the backups. This includes Cooper Bateman as quarterback and Damien Harris as running back. Both have amazing recruiting ratings, and this is one of the best stats to look at.

There’s really no bad player when it comes to the backup players, and this is something that Nick Saban prides himself on. Everyone trains, everyone plays. By not having a star player, it allows everyone field experience and this means that the “backups” are groomed in the best possible way.

Now, when you look at recruiting ratings, the Alabama players are in the fours and fives. Northern Illinois’ players, however, are consistently rated two or three. For sure, this says that an NFL team would rather draft any of the backup players for Crimson Tide over any of the starters for the Huskies. That says a lot right there and if all of them were to get out on the field together, it’s almost a sure victory for the backup players of Alabama.

The backup players have backups, too. For example, if Bateman were put into the game as QB and he became injured, it’s easy to turn to Jalen Hurts, who is also a four star. Why him? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he impersonated Deshaun Watson, a Clemson Heisman finalist during his first week on the Alabama campus.

The reality is that Alabama doesn’t lose, at least not to teams who are not in a Power 5 conference…and if they do, it’s certainly not often.

It just shows that Alabama is a powerhouse of players and will continue to be, at least while they have Nick Saban as the head coach.