Alabama Football 2016 Season Predictions

All eyes seem to go to Crimson Tide at least once every football season. The 2016 predictions are here to show which games they are likely to win and whether they will make it all the way to the SEC championship, make the playoffs and ultimately, win the college football title.


The Coaching

The first thing to note is that Nick Saban, the head coach for Alabama, is going to be returning. This is pivotal to having a good season because he already knows how to interact with the team, the pressures of dealing with the Crimson Tide, and has seen how many of the other teams approach the game.

This is good for the team as a whole bleeding in 2016 season. If there was a coach change, it could potentially destroy everything that the team has been building towards.

The 2016 Season

There have been some teams that Alabama seem to do better again than others. Looking at the schedule, the games begin September 3. The game is at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, so it is not on home turf area is also against the USC Trojans, and this team is going in at the underdog. It gives Alabama a great opportunity to destroy them in their own stadium and set the team up for future victories, including against Western Kentucky and Ole Miss Rebels.

Later in the season, the pivotal game takes place November 12. This is against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. When Crimson Tide played them last year, it was a great win, leaving quite a spread on points. If Alabama can pull out a repeat performance during this game, which is also on home turf, it can set the team up to really push forward. If they can win this game, they are probably going to win the others, and this will allow them to skate into the SEC championship.

The SEC Championship

The SEC Championship is on December 3, and it is going to require a significant amount of focus in order to bring out the win. 2015 was a great season, and they were able to get it done in terms of being able to make it all the way to the championship. Ole Miss is likely going to be the only hiccup when it comes to getting to the SEC.

It’s a pretty safe bet to choose Alabama for the SEC West because they have proven themselves here before.

The Championship

The SEC West vs SEC East comes down to who is going to be on the SEC West. Even though Alabama has strong and looks like it’s going to be strong again this year, the team that they play again is going to make all the difference in the world.

Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee all have some great teams. Jimmy Boyd likes the Volunteers, butTennessee looks as though they still have to prove themselves a little bit more.  They haven’t really been a team to be reckoned with since 2004. The UF Gators have a strong team and if they end up as the SEC East team, it can be a problem in order for Alabama to clench the championship.

The only way Alabama can walk away with all of the glory, they have to be able to improve their defense. Much of this is going to rest on the coach’s ability to mold the new players to where they need to be. The Gators have one of the best defensive teams in college football right now, and that means that Crimson Tide has to be a little bit better.

Who Makes The SEC Championship Game

The 2016 SEC championship game will mark the 24th consecutive year for this annual college football event. The first two games were held in Birmingham, Alabama, but the Georgia Dome has hosted this contest since 1994. The University of Florida holds the record for winning the highest number of championships at seven. Schools that have yet to play in the yearly SEC title game include Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi and Texas A&M.

In the Western division Alabama is anticipated to continue its winning performance under coach Nick Saban. Similarly, since 2013 LSU and Alabama share the statistic for allowing fewest yards on the ground. Moreover, for LSU, under coach Miles, its passing game is noted to be excellent..

Auburn is struggling to retain winning seasons. Its football squad have fewer wins against top 25 rated teams. Auburn’s last bowl bid was against Memphis that Auburn won. Auburn has a solid defensive line in players Davidson, Lawson, Adams and Williams. If the Auburn defensive line can exhibit strong consistency on field, and its offense take advantage of opportunities provided, the team could well be a post season contender.

Ole Miss has had some notable attrition in its roster in the recent past. However, it has a strong quarterback and defensive line.

The Eastern division team favors Tennessee, Georgia and Florida to be post season contenders. Under coach Butch Jones, the Volunteers have improved their win record by two games consecutively in the last two seasons. Meantime, the Florida Gators won the East division in 2015 under coach McElwain in his first season at that school. A solid quarterback and consistent kicking game are two noted issues for Florida from its recent past. Georgia has a new coach this year, Kirby Smart.

According to Athlon Sports, the University of Kentucky Wildcats have the longest running post season drought in the Southeastern conference. The team’s last bowl bid was in 2011 when they lost to Pitt in the BBVA Compass Bowl. Their coach, Mark Stoops, is hoping for the slump to break by the team recording six wins this coming season.

While Kentucky has an ongoing post season drought, Florida’s kicking team has been rated second to lowest in college football nationally, and LSU had the highest loss in yards due to penalties, these programs could improve and be post season contenders. Alabama in the West division and Tennessee in the East division, I feel will be the teams in strongest contention for the 2016 SEC title.